Looking for reliable dog sitter for Trixy and Ernie!
Hello! Thank you for your interest in becoming Trixy and Ernie's new dog sitters!
This page is here to give you some knowledge on them, and what we are looking for. 
  • Trixy is turning 9 years old in June
  • Ernie turned 3 years old in February
  • They are both current on shots and rabies vaccinations 
  • Trixy is very chill and loves to sleep and cuddle.
  • Ernie has a lot of energy and loves to play
  • Trixy can be a loud mouth and she will bark, especially at the mail man.
  • Ernie can be aggressive towards other dogs when on leash, (keep him close)
  • Trixy is a sweetheart and really good almost all the time.
  • Trixy will get in the trash if you leave it out, and she will also eat gum and snoop in your purse, so be aware!
  • We do not feed them table scraps, only sometimes they get some veggies like carrots, cucumbers, and some spinach. 
  • Ernie needs a lot of attention. He can go usually 5-6 hours without needing to go outside, but I take them more often. 
  • Ernie gets overly excited when meeting new people, if he hasn't been out, he can pee from excitement. 
  • We wipe their feet after every walk, and do not allow them to sleep in the bed. They have their own bends that they sleep in out in the living room at night. 


Here is a list of what we would love in a dog sitter


  • Someone who is able to spend enough time at home and give them plenty of love.
  • Someone who is patient and has previously had dogs, or currently does. 
  • Preferably if you have a back yard that they can go out, that will save you the headache of walking them frequently. I currently walk them anywhere from 4-7 times a day. Short potty walks, but they have to go walking, they don't just pee out front and then go back in. They are picky.
  • They must always be on a leash if going somewhere that is not a fenced in safe area.
  • Preferably having wood floors is best, or like area that they can stay. Again, Ernie is known to have an accident here and there from excitement.  
  • Someone who is responsible and caring. 
  • If you are under 18, please talk to your parents first before contacting us and make sure this is something they would be ok with as we would be dealing with them directly. 
  • If you have other dogs thats fine as long as they are friendly. Ernie can rough house a little at first, trixy will mind her own business. 
  • They don't have a lot of experience with cats, so I have no details on how that could go.
  • We would prefer their new sitter to live in a house with a yard, but thats open to other living situations as well.

If you are interested in becoming Trixy and Ernie's new pet sitter while we are out of town, please email us at

Please include as much info as you can. What part of Los Angeles you live in, how many people are in the household, ages, working and school hours, how much time is spent at home, house, apartment, yard, ect. Other pets in the household and so on.


Thank you so much for wanting to watch out little freaks for us, and we can't wait to hear from you!


Jake and Inna Pitts